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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  July 20, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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remington shotgun and a glock. police say he sprayed teargas and fired many rounds into the crowd leaving 12 dead and another 59 injured. bullets went through the walls injuring movie goers inn adjacent theater. he told police outside there were flammable or explosive materials inside his apartment. neighbors were evacuated this morning and they have been out since. at this point we know what happened. we still don't know why. here is the latest from police last hour. i imagine i will be asked how many rounds were fired. we have no capability right now of calculating that number. there were many, many rounds fired. that his apartment is booby-trapped with various incendiary and chemical devices and apparent trip wires. so we have an active and difficult scene there. it may be resolved in hours or days.
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>> our affiliate kusa. jeremy, what have police found there? >> reporter: there is a quiet sense of apprehension in the neighborhood that's been criss-crossed with yellow police tape all morning. numerous paramedic vehicle, emergency vehicles, police walking around in some cases with assault rifles. at the center of the scene an unassuming square, red brick apartment complex, very generic. on the third floor of the apartment complex we are told that's the residence of james holmes. inside that residence, inside that apartment unit is a booby-trapped apartment, according to the chief of the aurora police department, daniel oates. we were told by the aurora fire department inside there are numerous bottles containing some type of unknown liquid. connected to the bottles are wires. it is a sophisticated sort of contraption or operation that the suspect set up in this
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apartment. it seems he was methodical a in his plan. at this point, we have been told by the fire department, by the police that they have snapped photographs from the outside of the apartment through a window hoping to use those photographs to dissect what's inside that apartment so they can safely move into that unit and try to disable those explosives. in the meantime, behind me here you can see numerous fire trucks. they have had ladders extended all morning. they are here just in case the bomb squad and fire department decides to detonate whatever is inside the apartment. back to you. >> you have been speaking to residents there. what have they told you about the suspect? >> reporter: when i got on scene i talked to 10, 15 people flustered, caught off guard. they had no idea what happened at the theater miles away. police came knocking on the door and said, you've got to get out. there are possibly explosives in
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this apartment unit. i did talk to a couple of people who did seem to recognize him. we talked to a former bouncer at a popular neighborhood bar. the bouncer said he had very few encounters with him, that the suspect would uh show up for karaoke nights on sundays at the bar and he mainly kept to himself. at this point, we are still trying to talk to people who have been displaced and evacuated. just waiting to get back home. >> jeremy, i know aurora is a suburb of denver. how small a town is it? how badly will this affect the town? >> i think there is no doubt this will be stained on the consciousness of colorado. not just on denver or aurora as a community but the state itself. aurora is a big part of the denver metro area. this will be talked about, discussed, debated for a very long time here in colorado. you know, you look at the faces of the people who walk up to the yellow crime tape. they are trying to get home.
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some of them are just learning about what happened. you can see on their face the enormity of the situation. just sinking in. i think at this point it's going to take a lot of effort of people in this community to take in exactly what really happened and why it happened. >> jeremy, thanks so much for that report. here with us now, criminal profiler pat brown, the author of "the profiler, my life hunting serial killers and psychopaths" and "killing for sport, inside the minds of serial killers." jeremy talked about he was an isolated figure. we know in psychology there are comal te aal tis of people who e things. isolated, narcissistic. what does your research show as a commonality of this type of person? >> psychopathic. you don't wake up in a bad mood and say, i will murder a pile of people.
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even if we are depressed, lost our job, are thrown out of school, our girlfriend or wife left or whatever. usually you go home depressed, talk to your friends. some people hang themselves in the closet. they do not commit mass murder. that is a psychopath. there is no way around it. >> i think we believe these people are generally lacking a sense of powerfulness in their life. they long for a sense of power. is that part of what's going on? and another question we have been debating. do you think these events when somebody creates a big show in killing a lot of people, is there a desire or fame or infamy out of that? >> absolutely. that's the number one issue. when uh i woke up this morning i was woken up by the networks and i didn't know what happened yet. i found out at 7:00 in the morning. i go on the internet and it's already on wikipedia. i had to do television for years and write books. this guy shoots people and he's there in the morning. it does work.
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he's become very, very famous. more famous than many people who are famous. it is going to make him an anti-hero, not a hero. in his own mind a hero. that's one reason. the other is he's getting back society. he feels like he hasn't got what he wanted. he felt entitled to more, didn't get it and will pay everybody back. >> one thing we were struck by was a comment that the suspect's mother made. upon learning there may be some connection between her son and these horrific events she said, you got the right guy. almost with no hesitation. >> yes. >> what sort of outward signs would she have recognized. how early in his life may they have manifested themselves? >> i would say by 5 years old. she's probably been dealing with him all his life the psychopathic traits. coldness, lack of empathy, lieg, manipulating.
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he was a relatively smart guy and did more in life than many psychopaths. but the fact that she immediately said that led me to believe she had to know he had a psychopathic personality. all of us heard our son had perhaps failed out of school, lost his girlfriend and they said, he killed a bunch of people we'd say, oh, come on now. he's depressed. he's not going to do that. she didn't have any question. >> i want to play a clip from the chief of police where he talks about what the suspect was wearing. it goes to the idea that he wanted to survive this. let's run the clip and talk about it. >> we believe that as part of this assault mr. holmes set off two devices to distract the crowd. they ignited in some form and released some sort of irritant or smoke. the suspect was dressed all in
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black. he was wearing a ballistic helmet, a tactical ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, a throat protector and a groin protector and a gas mask and black tactical gloves. >> he clearly wanted to survive. he clearly wanted to feel and look military in doing this. what does that tell you? >> well, you know, normally mass murderers end up dead at the end of the day. they don't care. they're fed one life. they want their name in the headlights and ah-hha, ha, i ha done it. and in norway when he mowed down children on the island. he's been in court bragging. put out the manifesto. i wouldn't be surprised if this guy read it. there is a new breed that wants to commit the crime and get to enjoy, you know, the benefits of stull being alive. >> pat, i'm curious what you are saying about the norway shooter and the potential commonality is
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interesting to me. i'm thinking of jared laufner who shot gabrielle giffords. we haven't gotten a sense of what motivated him and what led him to do it other than the sense that the guy was just basically crazy. is that it? they're really just crazy. >> they're not crazy. they are psychopathic. the purpose is to get back at society. prove they have been ignored too long. sometimes they will tack on some kind of political aim which really, quite frankly, since they are psychopathic they could give a crap about the politics of the world. they are looking for something to justify the attacks. oklahoma city bombing wasn't about the government. it was just somebody wanting to do something amazing. timothy mcveigh. that was his thing. the ft. hood shooter which
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people think was a terrorist attack. i do no. uh i think it was a mid life crisis. he said, you have ignored me. but, i'm really a terrorist. not really. you're a mass murderer. that was your point was just to be seen and get back at people. we're talking about psychopathy and having a moment to play god. >> how much do these mass murderers, how much do they pay attention to each other and read the manifestos and think in terms of they did it this way, i will also do it that way? >> a lot actually. there are sites all over the internet. the mass murderers and psychopaths of the future spend a lot of time on the internet and they go to the columbine site and brevik and also find out how to make bombs and the guns they should get and how to stage the whole thing. you can basically -- it's a teaching guide on the internet how to commit your own mass
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murder if you spend a few moments with a few words in google search. yes, they spend time doing that and fantasizing about that. what i will do in the future, planning it and going over out until the day they are ready to do it. >> they plan to rehearse, tell a friend or two, practice so they seem calm and collected because they are finally doing the thing they have been rehearsing. >> exactly. it's a strange comparison, but it's like a wedding. you know? do you know how a girl plans for the wedding. she looks at the wedding books, gets the clothing done. she looks at the venues she could go to, how she'll walk down the aisle, watches all the wedding programs on television. she fantasizes about this until the big day comes. this is all this guy is doing. it's his own little wedding with the world. >> pat, some eyewitnesses said the suspect was very calm as he stood up in front of the theater
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and committed these acts. you're comparing it to a wedding. the bride wouldn't be calm on the day of. is it common to be cool in the moment? >> most brides aren't psychopathic, but i bet the psychopathic brides walk down the aisle like this. this is a psychopath with very little emotion except for hate. he just goes to do what he's going to do. he's in his moment. kind of like an actor walking on stage. seems calm but that doesn't mean he was calm before he started. it's a combination of psychopathy and this is the play acting he's doing in his big moment. >> how do we know when we see people around us in the world who are acting strange, saying strange things, acting isolated, trench coat mafia people. how do we know who to really look out for and who's pretending? >> it's tough. first of all you have to
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identify psychopathy and there are traits like the whole checklist you can go down. if uh you check off all ten with somebody you know, you should be concerned that you've got somebody. then look at what the ideation is. a lot of psychopaths work well in the rld wo. they are con artists, musicians, on the pulpit, in politics. you can be a psychopath and not be violent. but if a psychopath starts to increase violent actions like sitting on the internet 24 hours a day practicing, adding weapons. doesn't mean if you play video games or you have guns you're a psychopath but if a psychopath starts talking about it all the time he's headed in a direction, building up himself to act this out in the real world where most of us would never do it. we'd go to a gun range, play games. but we are not killing people. >> pat, it seems like the common
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story whether you are looking at jared loughner, james holmes today or virginia tech, they didn't have many friends. it's one thing to suggest if i know someone with this weird behavior i might catch it. but the common story is that no one knew them. they kept to themselves. for the loners, the people that aren't really connected in society, how do we do anything about that? >> i don't know that nobody knows anything. a lot of psychopaths are irritating people and they don't have a lot of friends but their family has dealt with them a lot. the landlord, person next door, people in the classroom. often after they go through the things of we didn't know him well they say, you know, when i come to think of it they say, he started saying things, spent all day long hiding, playing a game. talked about the gun range. it's a mixture of things. nobody usually puts it together.
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what if you do put it together? it's not illegal to play video games 24 hours a day or have ten weapons or go to the range. most of these people aren't going to do anything. you can't send in the police because of a weapons collection. half of us would go to jail for that. >> you can only imagine what his mother was thinking and knew when she gets the the information like, i saw this coming but wasn't able to stop it. >> she did know something. it's not like you don't know something is whacked with this guy. nobody's dealt with him. >> she must have known something. stay with us. we'll talk to you more as the scene unfolds at the suspect's apartment. next, we're going inside the mind of the suspect. what causes someone to do something like this. we'll talk to a clinical and forensic psychologist next. [ male announcer ] while many automakers are just beginning to dabble with the idea of hybrid technology... it's already ingrained in our dna.
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let's go to where this tragedy began. nbc's jay gray is outside the theater in aurora. he joins us on the phone. welcome, jay. i want to talk with the apprehension of the suspect. we are all a little confused about how exactly he was taken. it seems as though he might not have either planned for an exit strategy or had planned all along to be apprehended. do we know more? >> reporter: that's a great point. listening to you earlier, i think it's important to point out this guy obviously expected some kind of firefight and wanted to survive that. he was heavily armed with a
12:20 pm
ballistics helmet, bullet-proof vest, throat armor, armor on his lower body. it was evident that he did not want to end things with his massacre here. he was arrested by police directly behind the theater, standing near his car. didn't put up any kind of fight, we are told from authorities. and then offered up the information that his apartment was booby-trapped be explosives. it's a pretty good assumption to say this guy wanted to be at some point known for what he did. >> he walked out of the movie theater after the massacre. walked to his car and we know very quickly the police showed up because they were very close and walked to his car and waited as people ran out of the movie theater for police to come. is that how it happened? >> exactly. that's the way it was described to me. as the chaos is unfolding, people injured and those who
12:21 pm
eventually perished were being treated. he calmly walked out of the theater, back to his car and simply waited on police. and then offered up the idea that he was willing to surrender and told them he had explosives in his apartment. there were clear scenes here. the officers continue to pore through the theater. and then the apartment complex where even officers on the scene say it is like nothing they have seen before. chemical elements, incendiary elements linked together with wires. they say it is like nothing they have seen before and they work in law enforcement. that will be a delicate, difficult investigation and situation. they say it could take hours or days really to figure out what this device is and how to handle it. >> jay, he surrendered, offered information about the apartment. have the police had a chance to have a formal or extended
12:22 pm
interview to get more information from him? or is that just waiting for the apartment situation to be resolved. >> reporter: i would love to tell you i have the answer to that. i have asked. we don't have confirmation from authorities that they are, in fact, questioning him. we don't know if he's lawyered up at this point. we don't know what his status is legally other than that he's being held by police and he is the primary only suspect in this massacre. >> jay gray, thanks for your report. we'll shift gears now. colorado had more than its fair share of mass shootings. we think of columbine high school. there was also the shooting spree inside a colorado springs mega church in 2007 and another church shooting in aurora just this past april. what goes on inside the mind of a killer? dr. stephen diamond is a clinical and forensic psychologist. he blogs for psychology today. he's the author of anger, madness and the daimonic.
12:23 pm
the psychological genesis of violence, evil and creativity and has a blog called "evil deeds" in psychology today. you have compared james holmes to the norway shooter. explain what you mean. >> the norway shooter, brevik was a little older than mr. holmes who is 24. i think from what i know both of them had a certain need for some kind of attention. i know more about brevik than i do about mr. holmes at this point. i don't think there are a lot of details about mr. holmes. my understanding is mr. holmes was a graduate student and dropped out of his graduate program recently. it's not clear why that happened.
12:24 pm
if he was having some kind of psychiatric problems that might have affected his studies, his ability to go to school. brevik was angry with norwegian society. i think he had what i call a wicked rage for recognition. also some of the school shootings we have seen. we see this phenomenon. these are very angry individuals. they don't know what to do with their anger. they do have a need for some attention. some recognition. they often feel powerless, helpless. and this is sort of their acts are often their last way to have trying to express their feelings. >> i was wondering about this. you talked about perhaps about
12:25 pm
motivation for this. is there anything that suggests that's the case or is it something that that's the pattern you have seen before? it could be a a lot of motives for this. how do we know attention would be one of them? >> in the case of mr. holmes i can't speculate because i don't know anything about it. i can't diagnose him. the generic pattern of a lot of mass shootings, mass killings that we have seen often that's the case. there is wicked rage for recognition, a sense of helplessness. more importantly in some ways is this rage. this anger that the individual has and really has had for a long time and doesn't know really what to do with or how to deal with. >> dr. diamond, you're right. a lot of people have rage. a lot of people have problems with the way society is.
12:26 pm
most have some shred of empathy that would keep us from harming another person. these people have suppressed their observing ego. they don't have that empathy. can you talk about that a little bit? >> well, individuals who do these kinds of shootings, again, they vary diagnose mostcally. i have to disagree with pat brown, the criminal profiler. they are not always psychopaths. they are not always anti-social personality disorder. sometimes they are psychotic as in the case of loughner in arizona. brevik was determined to be psychotic by evaluators in norway. sometimes they're psychotic. and sometimes they are extremely depressed. but they are certainly not always psychopathic. but what i think they do have in
12:27 pm
common is this rage, this anger. eventually this anger tends to fe fester and take possession of them. that suppresses their empathy is that the anger is more powerful and their needed to express it is more powerful than any sense of empathy they have or any sense of right and wrong that they have. >> if someone like mr. holmes were to seek help before acting out in this incredibly tragic way, could a tragedy like this be prevented with psychiatric assistance? >> oh, i think potentially very much so. again, i have no way of knowing what his diagnosis will be. i uh suspect he will be evaluated.
12:28 pm
individuals who do the mass shootings tend to develop a very dangerous state of mind over time. there are always warning signs. if the right kind of attention -- professional attention can be brought to bear, i believe many of these incidents can be prevented. >> dr. stephen diamond, thank you very much for joining us. next president obama and mitt romney react to the events in colorado. breaking news continues here on "the cycle."
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my daughters go to the movies. what if malia and sasha had been
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at the theater as so many of our kids do every day. michelle and i will be fortunate enough to hug our girls a little tighter tonight. i'm sure you will do the same with your children. there are going to be other days for politics. this, i uh think, is a day for prayer and reflection. [ cheers and applause ] >> our hearts break with the sadness of this unspeakable tragedy. ann and i join the president and first lady and all americans in offering our deepest condolences for those whose lives were shattered in a few moments of evil in colorado. i stand before you today not as a man running for office, but as a father, grandfather, a husband and an american e. this is a time for each of us to look into our hearts and remember how much we love one
12:33 pm
another. >> president obama and mitt romney both set aside politics today in the wake of the aurora shooting massacre. they are pulling attack ads off the air in colorado and the president ordered flags to half staff to honor victims of the tragedy. we are live at the white house. mike, is this a day when we see politics is this a time they say not to deal with the politics? >> absolutely. not only impolice in the the statements but that's what they have said. degree vick are a deaf v.i-- bo of these men, mitt romney and president obama looking at the big picture taking a step back as everyone tries to process the grief and outrage they feel and trying to answer in their own minds the question of why. let's start quickly with the president's day. 5:26 a.m. he overnighted in west palm
12:34 pm
beach. a two-day swing through florida cut short now. there was an event in ft. myers, florida. they decided to go through with it. they flew across the state to ft. myers. there was already a rally scheduled. you saw a lot of folks there notwithstanding the fact that it's obviously a somber occasion still very fervent backers of the president shouting out even as he delivered somber remarks. the president had to calm the crowd a couple of times. mitt romney largely echoing what the president did in his appearance in new hampshire. they have taken down not only the contrast ads which they call the negative ads. they are not campaigning or their spouses or the vice president or others. they have taken the ads down in colorado. i don't know how long it will last. mitt romney planned to spend his time in new hampshire. some down time. we didn't know of public events on the president's schedule.
12:35 pm
the second event was to take place in winter park outside orlando. the president came home earlier than planned. he went directly into a meeting in the west wing with the vice president. the fbi director and other top officials to review the events of the day. >> mike, just a clarifying point. you mentioned the president and mitt romney both taking down contrast ads in colorado. are negative ads running in the rest of the country? >> as far as we know, yeah. they have specifically gone out of their way to mention colorado. as far as we know, they are. yes. >> mike, thank you very much. >> okay. >> in colorado, nearly 12 hours later the police are working to disarm the booby-trapped apartment of the suspect. we'll talk about the strange scene as the breaking news continues next. brave knights!
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profiler pat brown. why would he give himself up in the way he did? >> he obviously wants to enjoy the fruits of his labors. we know that in this country when somebody gets convicted of a crime like this they get books written about them, sometimes have movies done about them. they can sit in prison, get goi girlfriends, get married. they have a heck of a life and enjoy the notoriety. >> pat, we had stephen diamond on. he was saying he thinks the behavior of a serial killer can be psychotic as opposed to psychopathic. it made me wonder as a layman, what's the difference between psychotic and psychopathic. >> i disagree entirely with dr. diamond. i think it is dangerous to get the two confused. psychologists and psychiatrists are labeling people like brevik who planned incredibly well what he was doing. he was not unaware of reality.
12:40 pm
every move he made, that's a psychopath. you label them a psychotic and that's somebody who you can theoretically cure who has a chemical condition in the brain. they are what we call crazy. if you put them on the right medications or help out they can come back to society as a normal person. a psychopath is never going to be that. psychotic, when you -- if you have worked in a hospital with psychiatric patients the psychotic says the refrigerator is talking to him, the aliens are in his head, all kinds of bizarre things. you're saying, what are you talking about? the psychopath is careful about his lies and distortions and everything. he knows exactly what he's doing. do you know son of sam? he said he heard the dog telling him to do things. later he said, yeah, i made that up. you're a psychopath. you knew the dog wasn't talking to you. if you want to convince a psychiatrist you're crazy you say this stuff.
12:41 pm
if they agree you can get out and go back into society and continue on your psychopathic way. it's dangerous to mix them up. >> another distinction and maybe this is just in our heads. people try to look at someone like timothy mcveigh who had a clear plan. there was revenge here. he wanted something specific and wanted to make a point. >> absolutely. >> versus the columbine shooters who were outcasts, hungry for attention. is that the same thing? one makes one a terrorist and one is a psycho. is there a distinction? >> not really. any one of these people who wants tremendous attention who does have a rage with society and psychopaths are enraged because they are not getting recognized. they think they are entitled to more and they never get it because people don't like them. i think loughner is a psychopath, brevik and holmes. they areal all psychopaths because they carefully planned
12:42 pm
out what they were doing. in their daily lives they were functional. when you run into somebody psychotic, they are not functional. they are losing it all over the place. they may do a crime but suddenly they slaughter their mother and sit there in a pile of blood. okay, you're nuts. a psychopath plans it out very carefully, knows what he's doing, the whole way through. this guy knew what he was doing. this is no psychotic. >> what sort of commonalities do we see in the paths of these people. is there sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect? >> they talk about these like they think there is sexual abuse and they talk about serial killers killing animals, setting fires. i think it's not that clear. we see somewhere before 5 years old there was a problem with attaching. an attachment disorder. they don't connect with people early on. then they don't like people
12:43 pm
around them. they think people are to be used. they are either useful or in the way. they learn to manipulate to get what they want. from very young you will notice, that kid is always planning something. always trying to get over on us. we never could trust him. something wrong with that kid. that's a little psychopath. you can do behavior modification, teaching him a better way that's not so violent or negative, but you can't fix them. he's going to be what he is. he dislikes everybody around him and wants to play the game his way. >> you are mentioning the ability of psychopaths to manipulate people. we know mr. holmes was in medical school. dropped out a month ago. are psychopathic personalities associated with high i.q.? >> no. not at all. most of them are very normal. sometimes we have a distinction between psychopath and sociopath and people think sociopaths are a higher ordered person and
12:44 pm
psychopaths are more animal-like. i don't agree. a psychopath is either less educated or more educated. if you are born into tougher circumstances, your family is more messed up, you don't get the tricks to be a clever, more calculating psychopath. i think he's just better educated. that's why sometimes in high levels of power we have people like -- just look at hitler. he's psychopathic. he got the training to get where he was going. he could be a politician rather than a killer. most psychopaths are manipulators and con artists. this one took a violent turn. >> thank you very much for that insight. we e appreciate you being with us. >> my pleasure. >> next up, we'll hear the stories of those who survived. the breaking news continues right here on "the cycle." ♪
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12:49 pm
all this gas. i thought, that was a special effect. no one knew what to think of it. >> we heard a loud, pop, pop, pop. everyone got startled. it was super loud, louder than the sound track. my wife said, something ain't right. me being into the movie was like, it's probably the movie. good sound effects or something. >> he started at the corner of the screen and worked his way to the back and back down. >> he looked so calm. it was scary. >> just shooting people. he wasn't giving anybody a chance to get out. >> he was trying to shoot people getting out the door. he did. there were people trying to escape and he shot those people as well. >> i tripped on blood, landed on a lady. i shook the lady, told her to get up and go. there was no response. i presume she was dead. hurried and got myself out of there with my friends. >> a few uh rows a away from me a girl got shot in the mouth. >> there were people limping saying, i have been shot. >> i have people running out of
12:50 pm
the theater that are shot. >> copy. all units respond to the theater. >> as far as i can see there were a lot of kids there. 12-year-old, 14-year-old kids. a 6-year-old was there that got shot. >> a police officer was helping a gentleman out of the theater. he was just covered in blood. the look on his face was just -- i don't even know how to describe was just, i don't know how to describe it. he was not really there. >> some unbelievable accounts there. i can remember this from whether it was columbine, virginia tech, even 9/11. when you hear accounts from people like this, i think you can't help but put yourself in that situation and try to imagine what it might have been like. how you might have reacted. the story today that i heard that had the biggest impact, about one of the victims who just about a month ago, had been in the mall in toronto, mall in toronto, there was a shooting there.
12:51 pm
she survived that. she was there that day, in this theatre last night and is one of the victims now. >> it is ironic and hazy and mind blowing and devastating and she wrote about her experience after surviving that toronto shooting. she blogged about it and we talked about this earlier. she talked about this weird feeling that she was still carrying with her and how do you deal with that and how do you deal with having almost died? >> i have to say you know, of course my whole life when i see national tragedies like this, it always impacts you and you have a great deal of empathy and as you said, you put yourself in the foot, the shoes of the victim's families. i have noticed since becoming a mother, i find it even more deeply troubling. it's not just empathy. it really rocks me and makes me much more emotional than it ever did before i was a mom and hearing those stories about the
12:52 pm
6-year-old and 12-year-old. it's hard to take. >> yeah, yeah, i just think about being part of the american family and losing a member of that family and it's painful. >> i think that's why you see, you know, our political leaders from small to big, i mean, every one from the mayer of aurora to the glover in colorado to mitt romney to president obama comes out because there is this sense that you need leaders to make sense of this and sort of calm us down. be prayerful with us. sort of give us some guidance. >> it's true. challenger, the 9/11, oklahoma city with bill clinton, you know, that is some of the finest hours for our leaders, at least rhetorically in the week of things like this. but one more segment left. it's toure's thoughts on today's tragedy in colorado. we'll be right back. [ cellphone rings ]
12:53 pm
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12:56 pm
what would make a 24-year-old calmly pick up several weapons, stroll into a movie theatre and open fire on strangers? how could someone so young be so depraved? tragically, we've experienced many similar scenes in america, so there's a body attempting to understand this sort of mind. we want to think of this sort of person as snapping, but psychologists say there's usual a rage from feeling powerless, wanting to do something to get back at the world. they want the world to know that the world is wrong and they want
12:57 pm
the world to know their name. the powerlessness they feel is perceived victimization is by grabbing weapons and snatching power over lives. the list of adjectives common to mass murders may come as no surprise, isolated, introverted, psychotic. the egomediates violence is often shut down in these people thus freeing them from empathy and allowing them to become homicidal. how often most mass murders rehearse their killing scenes, which is why when the day comes, they execute with calm and sometimes exhibit a joy or thrill. it's a release after years of suppressed pain and toxic emotions and mass murders are usually not silent. in 75% of cases, at least one person knew of the killer's plan. that's chilling.
12:58 pm
that means that in many situation, someone could have tried to stop it, but kept the secret or didn't take the killer seriously enough to act. also sober is the way we in the news media may be feeding these people's last wish. they want em phamy, power after a misunderstand life. what happens after they shoot up the scoop or multiplex? they send reporters to the scene and do non-stop coverage. we've got to do that. it's what the people want and need. i think most outlets do it respectfully and tastefully, but we can't ignore that our coverage completes the explosion of attention and power they were looking for to give their life the resounding back they were craving. even if they're not around to see it, they know everyone will know they're name. i'm not hiding from the fact that the nature of media makes us part of the story.
12:59 pm
>> thanks for sharing those thoughts. i just wanted to leave with my final thought, which is that regardless of what comes out about this killer, certainly everybody in the country's thoughts, and if you're a person of faith, prayers are going out to the families of the victims there and praying for the recovery of the injured. >> i think we're all thinking about aurora today, tonight, tomorrow. >> we'll be back here monday and i think we probably will know a lot more. there's going to be a lot of speculation. there always is in the wake of these things, what about that could led to. >> no real answers. >> we're in such an early stage, sounds like the police may not have interviewed him. >> most important thing is to think about the families. richard lui is in for martin today. >> thank you so much. i'm in for martin bashir. i'm richard lui this afternoon. it's friday, july 20


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